Reserve your stay in Ladera Boutique Hotel in Santiago de Chile in our network.

Think no longer. Many times when is time to make a booking we start thinking if it is the best moment to pay your stay or if there is a chance to get a better price in the future. With the best guaranteed price of Ladera Boutique Hotel in Santiago de Chile, you can make a reservation through our web site with ease. We offer the best prices but if you find any more convenient for the same initial date we guarantee the same price that you found.

¿What should I do if I find a cheaper Price?

If before your arrival you find a lower Price published in any media, the steps to follow are the following:

  • Enter at or call us to +56228715700
  • Make sure to have the link ready, the screen print or the site where the most economic price appear for Ladera Hotel Boutique wherever it is possible to make the booking.
  • Review that are the same conditions of the room type, dates, same number of people and/or promotion.
  • Make sure that the reservation is in the same currency, given that the type of currency that the agencies deal with, or others can vary.
  • Notify to our reservation team so they apply the most economic Price to you booking.
  • If you have made your booking you can send the request of Price change in a maximum deadline of 24 hours after having performed your reservation with a minimum of 24 hours of advance to your arrival date.
  • Verification process

From Ladera Boutique Hotel the validity of the request reviewing the published requirements under our terms and conditions will determine the validity of the request reviewing the fulfillment published under our terms and conditions and the customer will be contacted using the email or by phone to inform you about the verification result.

Terms and Conditions

The booking MUST be done through our web site web: or telephonic reservation calling  +56228715700.

The minimum price found must be reserved online through another web under equivalent conditions to those booked in our web site: same type of room and conditions and for the same dates and number of hosts.

The guarantee will not be applied to confidential prices, any type of cheque book, prices which are part of a travel package with other services, prices for companies, groups, meetings, etc.

The guarantee is implemented at the final Price to be paid by the customer requesting the booking, this includes the costs coming from the service, rates, taxes or management expenses that the other webs allocate to their users.

The guarantee makes reference to the total Price to be paid by the user during all the stay, it does not apply to the partial Price of some or all days of the total booking.

The guarantee is valid for reservations in the same date, same type of room, quantity of hosts and cancellation policies; these do not include additional services affecting the value.
When is time to find the most convenient rate, the guarantee must be claimed during the 24 valid hours after having done the original booking and may be answered in a deadline of 48 business hours (from Monday to Friday in business hours).

The guarantee request must be done through email or telephone in a maximum deadline of 72 hours before the arrival date.