Get away to a place that will bring you in contact with all Santiago’s shopping options. Ladera Hotel is just a few minutes from the city’s best Shopping Centers, and its the best place to relax after an activity filled day.

Costanera Center: This is the largest mall in South America. It has six floors with the most well-known stores, cinemas and more than 60 restaurants. It is known for being part of the highest skyscraper on the continent, one that is some 300 meters tall. At the top, there is a 360 degree lookout with a panoramic view of all of Santiago. This mall is just 10 minutes on foot, crossing over the charming Sculptures Park.

Parque Arauco: The most well-known mall in the city. Its famous open-air restaurants Boulevard stands out, a floor which has the most well-known design stores, and the exclusive district, where you will find the most prestigious international brands. You can get there by taking the Presidente Kennedy highway; just 7 minutes by car.

Drugstore: Creativity, independent and avant-garde design distinguish this Boulevard from the rest Santiago has to offer. Right in the heart of Providencia, Drugstore is known for its cafes, bookstores, galleries and music stores. Visited regularly by hipsters, artistis and academics, this mall has become unique and is just ten minutes on foot, crossing the Pedro de Valdivia Bridge.

Center of Providencia: The best way to go around the neighborhood of Providencia is on foot, along the avenue of the same name and by visiting the surrounding streets.
This city has all the city’s diversity concentrated in one spot. Through its streets, you will find roving musicians, arts and crafts fairs, restaurants, stores, parks and artistic expressions of all kinds. Just 5 minutes from our Hotel, walking along Pedro de Valdivia Avenue.